Morty LMFAO Discord Sticker

Morty Laughing


Morty Laughing


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How to Add the Morty LMFAO sticker to my discord server?

Adding this Morty LMFAO sticker to your discord server is very easy, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the Morty LMFAO Sticker

Click on the Download button shown above or on the image below to download the Morty LMFAO sticker on your computer.

Step 2: Upload Sticker to Server

Go to Server Settings, then click on Stickers, click on the Upload Sticker button, from the Upload a file dialog, click on the Browse button and select the Morty LMFAO you downloaded from Step 1, Give the sticker a Name, select a Related Emoji, and click on Upload.
animated image showing how to upload a sticker to your discord server

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